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Conscious Discipline and Reflection Sciences Partner to Assess and Improve Executive Function in Children

Partnership aims to improve skills that predict academic and life success through personalized interventions. ORLANDO, FLA. (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 19, 2019 Conscious Discipline, a leader in social-emotional learning and classroom management best practices, has partnered with Reflection Sciences in an effort to better measure and improve executive function in children. Reflection Sciences was founded by Phil Zelazo,…

Reflection Sciences News

Reflection Sciences Announces $1.3M Seed Round and Three New Board Members

Saint Paul – June 10, 2019 –Reflection Sciences, Inc., has recently closed a $1.3M seed round.  This round was led by Edmentum, the previously announced K–12 distribution partner for Reflection Sciences and joined by the University of Minnesota’s Discovery Capital Fund and other investors.   In addition, Reflection Sciences has appointed three new board members: Dr.…

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Reflection Sciences Celebrates the Heart of Afterschool Programs during “Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week”

Saint Paul, MN. April 23, 2019 | Reflection Sciences, Inc. is joining the National AfterSchool Association (NAA) to celebrate the professionals that are at the heart of afterschool programs during “Afterschool Professionals Appreciation Week” April 22-26, 2019. Reflection Sciences’ mission is to reduce gaps in achievement and opportunity by advancing the science and practice of…

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Agency Development, Literacy, & Numeracy

The Science of Early Learning summarizes current developmental cognitive research on agency development, literacy, and numeracy in young children, birth through age eight. The report was developed by Deans for Impact in collaboration with Dylan Kane and Callie Lowenstein, practicing teachers; Rachel Robertson of Bright Horizons; Dr. Daniel Ansari of Western University; Dr. Stephanie Carlson…

Reflection Sciences News

Edmentum and Reflection Sciences Partner to Deliver a Holistic View of Student Learning

Edmentum and Reflection Sciences partner to integrate Edmentum’s Exact Path and Reflection Science’s Minnesota Executive Function Scale Assessment Minneapolis – February 14, 2019 – Edmentum, a global leader and pioneer in online teaching and learning programs, announced a new partnership today with Reflection Sciences, Inc. Edmentum and Reflection Sciences will partner to deliver a full integration of…

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Support Executive Function: Parents’ EF matters too!

Previously we have talked about how parents can support executive function (EF) development in young children. Specifically, parenting behaviors that are “autonomy-supportive,” meaning they actively support a child’s goals, efforts, and choices, are related to children’s EF skills. What does an autonomy-supportive parent look like in everyday life? Let’s think of an example of a…

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Comparing and Selecting an Executive Function Assessment

Executive Function (EF) is the set of foundational skills that help prepare children for success in school, college, and beyond. They have been termed “essential skills for life” because of their effect on adult life (including relationships, career, finances, etc.). Children are not born with Executive Function skills, but they are born with the potential…


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